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Who's Who in the World of Woodcutter's Revival
Who’s Who in the World of Woodcutter’s Revival

Stewart Taylor – a main protagonist – rugged optimistic farm boy who begins the journey

Michael Thomas - the Woodcutter

Raymond Warren - farm boy and neighbor of Stewart

Gramps – Stewart’s deceased grandfather who had been a self-taught man with many talents

Edward Thomas - Miner and Owner of the town of Discovery

Victoria Thomas - strong and independent daughter of Edward

Mr. Peters - foreman in Thomas Mines

Reverend Pharris – the minister in the church “endowed” by Mr. Thomas in Discovery

Robert Connor - mine investor, consultant and prosecuting attorney in Wellspring

Kevin Nelson - arresting officer in Stewart Grows on the Job

Judge Baldini - judge in Trials of Life

Daryl Dailey - hiker met on the trail, becomes friend of Raymond

Ma (Irene) Peterson - runs boarding house in Wellspring

James Peterson - Ma Peterson's nephew and attorney

Kimberly Knox - teacher in Discovery and would be educational leader

Winston Barlow – “mining consultant” and suspected management spy

August Knapp - short for Augustus, a witness in the Trials of Life

Julius Knapp - August's brother and a collaborating* witness in the Trials of Life

Hagar Townsend - construction company owner in Wellspring

Mrs. Townsend – Hagar Townsend’s abrupt wife and office manager

Jim - "Big Jim" construction foreman for Hagar Townsend Construction

Sven Erickson – co-worker and father figure to Stewart in Wellspring

*Attorneys usually say "cooroborating witness." Is this an error? Oh, the intricacies of the English language and legal definitions. Maybe, the nuances of these terms are plot elements. Read the story and determine for yourself.