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Revived: Story of Publishing a Christian Novel

Revived: Story of Publishing a Christian Novel

Revived: Story of Publishing a Christian Novel
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Upon writing and publishing a Christian historical fiction book, the
author would like to share personal experiences in order to give the 
reader and potential writer a glimpse into the process. What are the
trials, pitfalls, and spiritual battles? What are the accomplishments,
victories and triumphs?  

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Merriam-Webster defines “REVIVE” as to:

    1. Restore to consciousness or life
    2. Restore from a depressed, inactive or unused state: bring back
    3. Renew in the mind or memory (renew the mind)  
Revived: Story of  Publishing a Christian Novel Reviews:

Carole Bowen-Sullivan wrote:

I love what you wrote about the parable of the ten talents in comparison
to the journey about writing your book. I have often thought about the "talents"
as being actual talents or gifts. I know this has been a walk of faith for you and
a blessing to others. How true it is that God has given us the very parts of 
ourselves that are so rich to bless others and birng Him glory.

Be encouraged and strengthened.

Karlene Jacobsen wrote:

I especially like the encouragement to decide and remember Who I'm writing
for, where the mesage's Inspiration came from, and all the Scriptue that flowed
naturally into the text. It's a great handbook to keep on the nightstnd (or wherever
the most is done) for reference. 

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