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Woodcutter’s Revival Kindle Edition

Woodcutter’s Revival Kindle Edition

Woodcutter’s Revival Kindle Edition
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Set at the beginning of the Industrial
Revolution, Woodcutter’s Revival is
an intriguing and thought provoking 
story about life, love and leadership.
You will come to admire some
characters and despise others.
In just a few pages, you will find 
yourself caught up in this delightful

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“It is a rare opportunity for readers
to follow the journeys of courageous
men as they come to terms with their 
faith and the purpose for their lives.”
—Gayle Schlosser
Pastor of The Gathering

llustrations by Scott Wiley

From inside the book:

“It seems we do not grow as people unless we have gone through some
adversity. About peace, I am not torn by the doubt of whether I should be
some other place or doing something else. Happiness to most people is
either the hope they hold for the future or pleasant memories of the past.
True happiness can only come from living in the present.”

Michael gave Stewart an example of Teddy’s leadership style, “He offered
praise and encouragement all the time. Morale was always high simply
because we were serving with him. Most ranking officers, in leading a
charge, would say, ‘Go up’ and lead from behind. He would get in front
and say, ‘Come up.’
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