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Quotes on Life
Quotes on Life

 “It seems you can work for your whole life and earn enough to support yourself and your family, but what of it? Those who get more never seem to have enough.” (Page 5)

 “Gramps told me about the battle the two parts of our mind wage against each other. It seems the thoughts we have when we first awaken reveal our true attitude toward life. Our subconscious is still active before the conscious mind begins to attempt to control our thoughts. If we wake up fearful about something, it might take several hours to shake it. If we are excited about something, we might not be able to contain our enthusiasm.” (Page 8)

 “At first Raymond contemplated these words. He began to wrestle with them. ‘For what cause would be worth dying? More importantly, for what reason should a person live?’” (Page 26)

 “Whichever way one chose to live, life depended upon death. The animals did not seem to mind belonging to the food chain as long as they were the predator and not the prey.” (Page 40)

 “The snow on the farm reminded me of an egg shell – secure but within a delicate balance – vulnerable. We had already been through the depressing days of fall, after the harvest. The snow would then come and seal everything in, but you knew under the snow cover, life was beginning to form and would soon be out for the next year.” (Page 42)

 “When you are around other people, you need to think their thoughts and believe their ideas as your own. You accept the way most people do things as ‘normal.’ Normalcy is dictated by trends in style, convenience, preference or necessity.” (Page 77)

 “As you grow older, you find only things that really matter are those things you cannot accumulate, but conversely the things nobody can take from you.” (Page 77)

 “That is the way life is. We are each given only a short segment of the total continuum. Some have it better than others. Some put their time into better use. If we worry or fret about the section we didn’t get, or grumble about the one we got, our short segments will be over and we will not have even realized it.” (Page 80)

 “Sure, I have missed a lot of things I would have experienced down there, but I would not trade the things I have gained. Besides, an experience is never wasted if you learn from it, and no lessons are free of cost.” (Page 80)

 “The main conclusion I have drawn is the only things of lasting value, besides the necessities of survival, are those things which affect the lives of others. Those things which cause others to evaluate their perspectives and change them as needed.” (Page 147)

 “Stewart remembered what Michael taught him. Michael said, ‘Believe your dreams, trust your instincts, and doubt your fears.’” (Page 169)