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Quotes About Education and Personal Growth
Quotes About Education and Personal Growth

 “Michael loved seeing people motivated toward growth and learning just for the sake of enlightenment.” (Page 35)

 “I don’t believe any man truly teaches us. It seems more like others help us confirm or rethink our own values. Now those values are probably planted by our parents and other significant people along the way. But they have to grow in fertile soil.” (Page 52)

 “She was like Mr. Gradgrind in Dickens’s novel, Hard Times. She thought she could reduce education to a mathematical equation. She thought she could convey all facts without appealing the emotion of the learner.” (Page 71)

“Michaels’ philosophical challenges could make you rethink your position without causing you to feel like a fool.” (Page 76)

“…we all benefit from the wisdom and the technological progress of others and have responsibility to pass on what we have learned.” (Page 80)

“When I hear a heart-felt performance or read an inspiring thought, I sometimes weep - not only because the music was beautiful or the thought deeply profound. Rather, I weep when I see someone applying themselves and putting their heart into their expression, demonstrating passion. Though they may never obtain it, they are reaching for their potential.” (Page 149)

“Stewart thought back over years of Sunday school, church, family and school, how he had tacitly learned that to seek one’s potential was wrong. One should be satisfied with his position in life and not seek self glory. Accepting a station or position in life sounded less like fate and more like ‘fatal’ to Michael and now to Stewart.: (Page 165)

Michael had said, “God inspires and empowers us to follow Him. God is not concerned with our ability or inability, only in our availability.”  (Page 165)

Gramps was right when he told Stewart, “Facts are negotiable, perceptions are not.” (Page 206)

“…don’t try to change people. Don’t label them if they think differently than you. Change your mind. Be radical. Seek to understand before you attempt to make somebody understand you.” (Page 236)

“I’m teaching them some classical literature like Dickens. We started with Hard Times and Bleak House. I’m also teaching them some American History. They love my Rough Rider accounts. We are doing some calculations, grammar and a little science. We get to teach them about an hour of Bible reading with discussion every day. I have them work through the answers themselves. I am showing them the difference between education and indoctrination.” (Page 258)