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How can I promote Woodcutter's Revival?

     If the Woodcutter’s Revival touched you or if you believe it might be of benefit to others please share it. You might already have ideas how to promote ideas on the Internet, such as FaceBook or Twitter. If you are enthusiastic about it, share your enthusiasm.

     Give the book as a gift.     

     Write a book review for your local newspaper, magazines or web sites. Amazon reviews are particularly effective. Talk about the book in small groups at church, work or other social, professional or service groups.

     Give the book to church, educational, political or service organizational leaders.

     Offer several copies to women’s shelter, prisons, rehabilitations homes, libraries, or any place people might enjoy a message of hope and healing.  

     Post blogs in which you share part of the that touched you the most, without giving away too much of the story. Leave a little of the intrigue so the reader can find their own experience with Woodcutter’s Revival.

     If you own a business, store or shop, place a display of the books on the counter or display table to resell to customers.  Books can be purchased in discounted, wholesale volumes.   
Send emails to your entire list with links to or

Will Jerry speak at churches and writer's conferences?

If you would like to contact the author to schedule a visit to your church or organization, go to or  
Is there a volume discount?

We do have volume discounts for 6 or more books at $12.95 per book with combined shipping.

Purchase two dozen or more $10.95 per book.

Larger orders are completed through our fulfillment company.

Why did you write in historical fiction?

See narrative at Home Page about historical fiction. Historical fiction is so we learn from the past so we don't repeat our mistake in the future

Why did you write Woodcutter's Revival?

In living through the life experiences that inspired the book, I thought people might enjoy a message of forgiveness, healing and hope. It might, in some way lighten their suffering just a little to read about the experiences of somebody else.

How do you write an Amazon review?

Link to Jerry's World Savings and type "Woodcutter's Revival" in the Search box. When the Kindle version appears, click on it. This will take you to the product. A box appears at the bottom of the page with "Customer Reviews" and another box that asks you to write a review. If you are an Amazon member, you simply log-in. Otherwise you might have to create an Amazon account, which is not difficult. Then you will be asked to rate the book from 1-5, with 5 stars being highest. Make a title and write your honest opinion.   

Do reviews help?

Reviews actually cause the item to be placed higher on the Amazon and Google pages and in search engines. Reviews give honest assurances to potentioal readers looking for a "good read."