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A Pleasant Surprise September 10, 2012
Just as another reviewer commented, this is not a genre that I would normally choose to read. However, I was pleasantly surprised to get caught up in the lives of the men of this story. It was a treat to read how each of them came to grips with their faith in God and where it led them. There are plenty of books about women and their spiritual journeys on the shelves so a book that gives us a look into the thoughts of men on a journey is a refreshing addition. Thanks Jerry -can't wait for the sequel!
Great book to add to the list... September 9, 2012
By Melinda
Really enjoying this book... It leaves me feeling like I truly am in that time period. The illustrations are subtle enough to capture your imagination without overwhelming it. The story of love and friendship and is a great testament to forgiveness, which we could all use a little of. Can't wait to finish the reading, but you have to sleep sometime right! :)
Great read with awesome illustrations! September 5, 2012
By SGray
This book was interesting, gripping, and fun to read! The illustrations help you visualize what living in this time must have been like... Follow the main characters as their paths diverge. One of the best historical fiction novels I've read! Not the genre I would usually choose, but so glad I did! Looking forward to reading more from this author.

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Fine Line: Passion and ProvidenceFine Line: Passion and ProvidenceFine Line: Passsion and Providence is the sequel to Woodcutters' Revival. Both books are historical fiction, set at the beginnning of the final phase of the Industrial Revolution.
Revived: Story of Publishing a Christian NovelRevived: Story of Publishing a Christian Novel
Woodcutter's Revival Bound EditionWoodcutter's Revival Bound Edition
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Excerpt from Woodcutter’s Revival
Chapter 5
Raymond in Discovery

         The miners worked five days for approximately ten hours a day, while working only six hours on Saturday. They rarely thought of their lack of free time. There was not much to do in Discovery. If there was anything to do, there was no money to do it.

     All their clothes and supplies were purchased at the general store owned by Mr. Thomas. The people did not use real money. They used what was called the "scrip" system. Mr. Thomas had minted tokens of silver that were of about eighty percent of the volume of silver compared to the actual government coins that were in circulation at the time. That way, there were fewer temptations to take the silver tokens to Wellspring to convert into actual purchasing power.

     Thomas owned all the housing in town. People paid rent with the silver tokens. This arrangement did not seem bad because, in town the tokens had enough purchasing power to live comfortably – just comfortably enough to not have time or energy to think about moving on. There was no comforting for the sickness – the malady from breathing the damp air filled with dust.

     Oh, mountain air was clean and dry, but the air inside the cool caverns created humidity. The humidity was also a byproduct of men breathing and sweating in an enclosed area. The air was also filled with dust – the particles that were kicked up from blasting, digging and moving granite and quartz laden with metallic mineral deposits. The dust was a cloud that choked breathing at the worst times and stuck to a sweaty body at the best times.

     There was also the sickness of the soul that hung over the miner. When he was not in the mine, he still could not get the dread out of his mind – the dread of going back into the living grave and not 
knowing if the narrow tunnel would become an actual grave.