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Jerry is a retired school teacher. He graduated from Ball State University with a Master of Arts degree in Education. Jerry has been very active in various political and educational groups. He has established, administered and taught in an alternative school in Knox known as the ACE Program. Ace stood for Alternative and Continuing Education.

Jerry has taught in Marion, Kokomo, Wanatah-LaCrosse, and Knox Indiana. He has also completed administrative training and principal certification. His major focus has been education, both in the formal school setting and the life lessons we learn from living every day.

Jerry has advocated for fair treatment and voluntary self-growth and improvement for teachers. He has also owned and operated small businesses and worked for others in supervisory positions in retail sales and government military production.

Jerry is a husband, father and grandfather. He loves to travel, write and work in the wood, metal and leather shops at home. He has built and uses a wood fired pizza oven.

Is the Woodcutter’s Revival a Christian book? Does it help you answer the questions:

"How do find peace?"

“How do I find God?”

You decide. I do not know if there is a Christian book except for the Bible. There are books written by Christians. You may or may not think they have the asnwers to these and other life's questions, as they are human and also have struggles with the realities of life.

I hope that as you read the Woodcutter’s Revival you connect with the characters and the author. I also hope you find the answer to your question: “How do I find God?” Even more importantlly, I hope you find fellowship with the One who can answer these and other questions in your life.

Just as Michael told Stewart, “I guess if I can share my suffering, misfortunes and injustices with others, maybe their load will be lightened.”

Gayle Schloesser, Pastor of The Gathering said, "It is a rare opportunity for readers to follow the journeys of courageous men as they come to terms with their faith and purpose for thier lives."

Do You Want to Develop a Positive Attitude?

     Do you find that you want to change you attitude or change your perspective? Have you tried self-help books and discovered them to leave you less enthusiastic and optimistic than when you began to investigate them? Do you want to make proper judgment without being judgmental? Are you tired of attempting to make other people understand you, rather than seeking to understand? Do you resent being labeled, categorized or pigeon-holed, or labeling, categorizing or pigeon-holing those who disagree with you?

     You will not find the answers to these concerns by reading a few quotes about forgiveness, or memorizing quotes about love or peace. You will not change your attitude or perspective by just reading any book. Improved attitude or perspective begins with the desire to change, not to change others, but to find and grow a different perspective.   Reading Woodcutter’s Revival will not cause you to achieve personal development and enlightenment. If you read the book and truly desire to change your perspective or attitude, you might find yourself walking in the right direction to begin that journey.

     You can find Woodcutter’s Revival in traditional bound version, or ebooks such as Kindle or Nook - instantly downloadable versions.  

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