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What is Woodcutter's Revival? A Historical Fiction Novel.

Historical Fiction

Woodcutter's Revival is a historical fiction novel that takes place in America at the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Through the pages of its story it seeks to demonstrate for the reader how to find peace through faith . The novel also addresses those struggles in life that are universal to all humans such as how we can learn lessons from the past to prevent making the same kind of mistakes. Whether you are searching for your own place in life or just looking for a compelling and insightful read, Woodcutter's Revival is a highly engaging tale that follows two young men searching for peace and their place in the world. Along with beautiful illustrations by Scott "Doc" Wiley, this Christian book offers the reader the opportunity to think about faith, leadership and the search for God while providing a riveting love story that is spiritual and God centered.   According to Wendy Walters, publisher of Palm Tree Productions, “This historical fiction novel, set at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, is a thought-provoking story about life, love and leadership. You will come to admire some characters and despise others. In just a few pages, you will find yourself caught up in the delightful tale.”  

Why Read the Christian Book Woodcutter's Revival?

Inspired by Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken" and many of the author's own life experiences, Woodcutter's Revival aims to help the reader answer the question, "How do I find God?"  Using the genre of historical fiction , the story takes a look at how our lives are affected by the choices we make and how we should learn from the past instead of ignoring it and dooming ourselves to continue making the same mistakes.

Readers will love this exceptional Christian book and will be drawn into this historical fiction tale of adventure, love and politics surrounding two young men who leave their farm home at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in order to seek their fortunes and find themselves. The author has expressed a desire to not only entertain readers, but through the message in the novel provide comfort to those who are seeking it.  Mr. Slauter has high hopes that each reader will ultimately be able to find their own answers as to how they can find God and personal peace.

How Can I Get Woodcutter's Revival?

Purchasing the Christian book Woodcutter's Revival is a very simple and worry-free experience.  The author, who has personal experience with retail sales, is committed to excellent customer service, and has provided a secure website to facilitate the sales of the book.  You do not have to worry about your information being at risk during any point of the transaction. Woodcutter’s Revival is available in both hardcover and digital formats.  If your digital version of this delightful historical fiction novel is damaged in transmission it will be replaced at no cost to you due to the product guarantee.  If damage occurs in shipping of the hardcover version the book will either be replaced or a refund will be provided once the damaged book is returned.  Also, Mr. Slauter has promised to handle any backorders with timeliness and efficiency.  Digital formats are available for immediate download, and standard shipping rates apply for shipping hardcover copies.

Who Is Jerry Slauter?

Jerry Slauter is the author of Woodcutter's Revival.  He is a retired teacher and current business owner.  A Ball State University graduate with a Master's in Education, he has always been very involved in several political and educational causes. He is a trained administrator and principal and has focused his life on education, both in the formal school setting and also in the deeper meanings of life lessons. In addition to his work in education, he has had experience in small business ownership, retail sales and government military production.  He lives in Indiana where he likes to spend time with his wife, children and grandchildren.  He also enjoys traveling, writing and wood, metal, and leather craftwork.

Mr. Slauter was inspired to write Woodcutter's Revival in 1988 after reading Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken."  He began to wonder about that "road"; about how we are all responsible for the choices we make, and how people make decisions about their future based on the past. He developed a plan to write an historical fiction novel and worked on it over the next 24 years. Finally, at the beginning of 2012, he decided to focus his efforts on completing the book, and with a publish date of August 2012 he is proud to offer his first novel to the general public. Mr. Slauter has high hopes that readers of his historical fiction novel will identify with his characters and with himself as well, through shared experiences of life’s struggles.

What Does It Cost?

Woodcutter's Revival is available in the following three formats and their associated prices:

·         The hardbound edition is $14.95

·         The Kindle edition is $9.99; and  ($7.49 introductory offer)

·         The PDF/Nook edition is $9.99.  (Discounted 25% to $7.49) 

Christian Book

These prices are set by market standards and are competitive within the industry. This unique historical fiction novel would be an excellent gift for family and friends, pastors, and also as a donation to shelters, prisons, and rehab centers.  As an added bonus, for those who are looking to buy for book clubs, libraries, or who need multiple copies for any reason, the hardbound edition can be purchased at volume discounts.  Six or more books in any single order are priced at $12.95 per book, and two dozen or more are priced at $10.95 per book, with combined shipping.

If you are looking for a good Christian book to read, this one will definitely entertain you and lift your spirits as well as make you think about your life, your choices and your place in the world.  From the words of the author, "In living through the life experiences that inspired the book, I thought people might enjoy a message of forgiveness, healing and hope. It might, in some way, lighten their suffering just a little to read about the experiences of somebody else."